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Rotoconcept is an engineering company in the design and manufacture of plastic parts by rotational molding. Created in 2006 with the harmonization of corporate ART CONCEPT COMPOSITES and IRTS, each bringing its expertise and experience in this field.

Today Rotoconcept has a range of a 19 inches rackmount transit and storage container. The product range manufactured entirely on French territory presents a neat finish quality. Their design philosophy ensures robustness that meets all your requirements for transport, handling and external environment. They are used in industries require such as defense, telecommunications, aerospace ..

Rotoconcept products are distributed exclusively by companies ART CONCEPT COMPOSITES and IRTS

Art concept Composites

With his experience of realization of composites materials, Mister Jean-Claude NEVEU founded the company ART CONCEPT COMPOSITES in 1993. The object was the develpoment and fabrication of polyester cases, which ensured the security of materials against dust, wetness, agitation, virbration...

The company worked hard for a wide range of goods like boxes, cases, containers and 19" chassis. These products agree with the introductions of wishes and quality of our customers. Therefore, since 1995, the company obtained their accredition of the supplier file NATO (code FA3Z7).

Very close to the customer and market conform, their product machines with a large investment, in particular the purchases of two working stations SOUNDWORKS for a development in 3D and those of a new ship.

Today, Art Concept COMPOSITES continue to answer exactly to the wishes of their customers and has enhanced his range of products, which offer 19" frames containers rotomouled and also aluminium.

Created in 1995 IRTS is a company specializing in systems engineering in the areas of real time and embedded computing. It is positioned on two complementary sectors :
  1. The design and sales by small and medium series, computer systems and products display standard and dedicated (of industry, strengthened or hardened), meets standards and sector-specific constraints: environment, usage, functional constraints. ..
  2. The engineering design and development, technical assistance and advice.

Design and sales of computer systems and display products

IRTS is organized by 2 know hows :
  1. IRTS Embedded (
  2. IRTS Display (


Conception de produits spécifiques

Rotoconcept design and manufaturing your project in plastic rotomoulded part :

rotomoulded case



Conception de produits spécifiques

We adjusted all our procedures the quality process of the frame of reference ISO 9001 V2000.

Ces procédures permettent de garantir à nos clients, un produit répondant parfaitement à ses exigences en terme de qualité mais aussi en terme de délais.